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In his most recent portrayal‚ Zuma is depicted in a sexual act with late former president Nelson Mandela.
The Nelson Mandela Foundation said on Thursday that while it respected the artist’s right to freedom of expression‚ it found the painting distasteful.
Social media platforms were flooded…


Mandela bikers boost women’s shelter

By Michael Mokoene
Kimberley – Nelson Mandela’s spirit of goodwill has brought back hope to women who are survivors of abuse in the Northern Cape as the 1st for Women Foundation, led by Madiba’s former personal assistant Zelda La Grange, donated R100 000 to an organisation that fights aga…

FBI admits it spied on Nelson Mandela during his first visit to U.S. after 27 years behind bars

By Tara Brady

Agents recruited an insider from the South African leader’s own circle
A memo dated May, 30, 1990, confirms the FBI had an informant
CIA accused of providing information which led to Mandela’s arrest in 1962
The 334 page document was released following a Freedom of…