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Is World Ignoring White Genocide?

What does it take for murder and mayhem against a group of people to be “genocide”?
Most people think of the Nazis when they think of genocide, but few realize it’s playing out right now, in South Africa, but the world ignores it.
It’s been ongoing for years, especially after Jacob Zuma became…


Donald Trump talk about South African farm attacks and white genocide

The farm attacks and white genocide in South Africa finally got the attention of the world’s most powerful president Donald Trump.

There are many online petitions and websites that report about farm attacks and white genocide in South African because this topic never make it to mainstream media…

Church of England investigates bishop accused of ‘collaborating’ in Rwandan genocide who is now a parish priest in Worcestershire

By Shari Miller

Right Rev Jonathan Ruhumuliza accused of helping to spread propoganda
He called government ‘peace loving’ and falsely claimed rebel army was responsible for mass killings
Also allegedly refused to shelter Tutsis facing imminent death
Rwandan genocide of 1994…